Cameo Video Productions of Washington has been the #1 award-winning Arlington National Cemetery videographer since 2005. Families seeking technical quality, artistry, and personalization in their Arlington funeral videography have trusted us for nearly two decades. Here’s why:

(1) Superior Technical Quality

Arlington National Cemetery videographerWe record images and sounds from optimal vantage points, with two or more professional high-definition cameras and specialized microphones. We compose our images using artistic concepts, and our camera work is steady…to convey the dignity of the Arlington funeral services. We record eulogy remarks, military commands, and band music in the purest audio quality possible. Our videos provide better views and cleaner audio than you and other attendees will experience in person. Our state-of-the art equipment and technical skills allow us to achieve the highest image and audio quality possible.

(2) Creative Excellence, Artistry, and Personalization

Arlington National Cemetery videographerAs the winner of multiple Creative Excellence Awards, we’re recognized by industry peers and clients alike for a superior artistic style and creativity in our Arlington National Cemetery funeral videography. Our passion for excellence, evident in our many optional services, sets our Client Design videos uniquely apart. At your request, we can craft your video to be not just about the funeral service at Arlington National Cemetery, but also about your loved one who has earned a final resting place there.

(3) Studio Design and Client Design Services

Prospective clients approach us with varying budgets and video objectives. That’s why we offer both Studio Design and Client Design Arlington National Cemetery funeral video services. By adjusting levels of technical quality, artistry, and personalization in these two design styles, we create videos to fit a variety of budgets. For those want “a basic video” or have limited resources to commit, our economical Studio Design video is the way to go. If cost is less of a driving force, a Client Design video will allow you to choose the artistic and personalization enhancements that interest you. Let us guide you in balancing cost with your desire for a quality video that honors your loved one and makes you proud to share.

The Potential of Video

Because video involves images, sounds, and motion, it’s a more complex medium and its storytelling potential is significantly greater than that of photography. This potential will only be realized, however, if you select a videographer with shooting skills and an editing style that can ultimately satisfy your personal expectations.  Here’s what I mean:

Jane’s Regret

Arlington National Cemetery videographerJane called me for the first time after she’d received her video from another company. She explained that she’d wanted a quality, two-camera, heartwarming, personal documentary of her father’s Arlington funeral, and she’d been assured by the videographer that he could provide it.  After watching her video, however, she was disappointed.

Searching for options after-the-fact, she learned about my company and decided to call me to discuss her situation.  She started to cry as she confided that her video was nothing like what she’d expected or been assured. This situation was obviously heart-wrenching for her. I sensed the magnitude of her grief as she pressed me in several more calls over the next few days for a remedy. She asked if I could somehow re-shoot or re-edit portions and possibly craft her video into the kind of quality production she really wanted!

Unfortunately, Jane’s opportunity to get the kind of video she wanted had passed, and I wasn’t able to help her. I hope that having read her story, you’ll carefully consider what kind of video you want…and realistically assess how much it will mean to you, your family, and friends over the coming months, years, or even generations.

Next Steps

You can trust Cameo Video to deliver the kind of video you want.  I’d love to discuss service options and costs with you and put you on our schedule today. Before calling, though, please take a few minutes and visit these three pages of our website: (1) Watch Video, (2) Read Reviews, and (3) Our Services.

Taking these steps will help you clarify your desires and expectations for your Arlington funeral video and understand the creative possibilities available. They’ll help you make the best personal choice for honoring, remembering, and sharing the memory of your loved one.

Jerry Werthman, Owner/Producer
Cameo Video Productions of Washington

Arlington National Cemetery videographer