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Arlington Cemetery video servicesWe proudly serve clients with differing tastes, creative preferences, and budgets.

Your Personal Producer

In all cases, your personal producer and editor will be Jerry Werthman, a four-time WEVA International Creative Excellence Award winner for his Arlington National Cemetery funeral productions.  This is significant, because Jerry’s personal technical skills and artistic sensitivities will determine, more than anything else, the ultimate quality of your video and your satisfaction with it.  Jerry will personally work with you throughout production and editing and ensure your package standards are met or exceeded.

Studio Design Productions

Our easiest-to-purchase video is a fixed-services, fixed-price Studio Design production.  Cost is based solely on the type of Arlington funeral service scheduled.  This basic production package will fully document your funeral service with two cameras, use one or more wireless microphones for enhanced audio, and rely primarily on in-camera image and audio management for technical quality.

We will deliver to you, by mail, a quality finished video of the funeral service on three standard Blu-ray discs (or three standard DVDs, if that’s your preference).  The cost for a dependent or standard honor military service is $795; full honor military service, $895; chapel dependent or standard honor military service, $995; chapel full honor military service, $1,095 (plus tax).

Client Design Productions

When you choose a Client Design production, you may also select any of our optional artistic, personalization, and output options.  Client Design productions start from $1,195 to $1,795 (plus tax), depending on the type of funeral service scheduled.

Every Client Design production automatically includes an upgrade to our Enhanced Documentary desktop editing style, which ensures your video will be as technically perfect as we can make it.  This editing style includes, among other enhancements, standardization of scene color, contrast, luminosity, and audio volumes for a seamless, non-distracting viewer experience (scene to scene and beginning to end).

With a Client Design production, the optional services listed below are all available to you.  In a telephone consultation, we can help you better understand the nature and relevance of these options, their costs, and their impacts on your video.  To expedite the phone consultation, we recommend that you print this list and pre-identify any service that might be of interest to you:

  • Upgrade from high definition to ultra-high definition (4K) format.
  • Add an associate producer for enhanced audio.
  • Record the big gun salute for Army/Navy general/flag officers.
  • Record testimonial remarks or interviews given at the reception.
  • Upgrade from Enhanced to Artistic Documentary editing style.
  • Add cinematic-style background music for special moments.
  • Add visual and audio special effects to heighten viewer interest.
  • Correct distracting visual and audio flubs by funeral participants.
  • Insert family-provided photos to complement eulogy remarks.
  • Add closeup video of military memorabilia to complement eulogy.
  • Overlay external narration, interview, or eulogy remarks.
  • Provide family 30 to 50 photos-from-video on DVD.
  • Prepare family-supplied photos for use in video (using Photoshop).
  • Add an artistic Opening Music Video to set the stage for the funeral.
  • Add an artistic Closing Music Video, with last respects & highlights.
  • Preview your video prior to finalization, and make desired input.
  • Request additional discs (Blu-ray and/or DVD) for family & friends.
  • Have us design custom artwork for your disc surfaces.
  • Have us design custom artwork for full-size disc cases.
  • Order additional output formats (DVD, USB thumb drive, online).
  • Add a photo of the Columbarium niche cover to close your video.
  • Add a time-lapse headstone scene, like these, to close your video:

Arlington Cemetery video services
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