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Arlington Cemetery video servicesThe broad range of Arlington Cemetery video services we offer allows us to produce military funeral videos for clients in diverse budget situations and with differing artistic expectations. Nurturing a nearly two-decades-long passion for excellence, we’ve sought to infuse each next Client-Design production with an even higher level of technical quality, artistry, and personalization.  These creative, client-designed videos address client service preferences as the top priority.

Our Client-Design videos start at $1,195. Final pricing is based on the type of funeral service as well as the technical, artistic, personalization, and output options selected.

Our Studio-Design videos provide clients with Arlington funeral service memories at our most budget-friendly prices. Studio-Design videos are priced from $795 to $1,095, based only on the type of funeral service.

In all cases, your video producer and editor will be four-time Creative Excellence Award winner Jerry Werthman. He’ll ensure that all of Cameo Video’s package standards are met or exceeded in your video.

Custom artistry and personalization options

1. Upgrade from one videographer (operating multi-camera) to multiple videographers (each operating a camera). You’ll get additional points of view, added interest for your video, and in some cases, enhanced audio. This upgrade is particularly desirable for full-honor services.

Arlington Cemetery video services2. Upgrade your documentary editing style to Enhanced or to ArtisticStudio-Design video editing relies heavily on in-camera image and audio management.  Enhanced Documentary editing adds technical image and audio standardization at the editing desk…to generate our highest technical quality.  Artistic Documentary editing is a broad-spectrum upgrade that opens the door to our top levels of artistry and personalization. It enables us to transform your video from being just about the Arlington funeral service to also being about your loved one’s achievements and the love, honor, and respect he or she earned.  It includes photos-from-video and other bonus services our clients appreciate!

3. Add an opening Music Video that instantly attracts viewer attention and sets the tone for the start of your loved one’s funeral video. Music Video is our most artistic and emotion-evoking editing style.

4. Add a closing Music Video that includes family last respects and funeral highlights.  Music videos are a great way to artistically bookend your production.

5. Include family photos (depicting your loved one’s image, family relationships, or military service) to complement eulogy remarks.

6. For inurnments at the Columbarium, request a photo of your loved one’s engraved niche cover. For burials, request an artistic headstone video scene. Two time-lapse headstone demos are included below.
Arlington Cemetery video services
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